15 Minute FB Party / Pop Up Events:  Step-by-Step Process
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15 Minute Facebook Party
15 Minute Facebook Party PowerPoint with Notes
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How to create a FB Party and the Building Strategy of your Posts
Link to Share: https://vimeo.com/519621570
Example of a Facebook Live Virtual Party 
Link to Share: https://youtu.be/M3nght_W9CM
Mock 15 Minute Facebook Party
Link to Share: https://youtu.be/d2Xabp6u2jI
How to Build Your Business with the 15 Minute FB Party
Link to Share: https://youtu.be/3tBZgrxO95U
Additional Support Docs
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Facebook Event Posts HERE
Follow Up Tracker #1  HERE
Follow Up Tracker #2  HERE
Do's and Don'ts with Inviting Scripts  HERE
Download the 15 Minute Script HERE
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