As a new Arbonne Consultant you probably have a lot of questions.

On this page we will answer some of the questions we hear most often. 

What is the difference between an Independent Consultant and a Preferred Client?

 As an Arbonne Independent Consultant, you have an opportunity to:

  • Earn an income, including bonuses and overrides, by selling products.

  • By sharing the Arbonne Opportunity with others, you can build a global business.

  • Take advantage of paid travel and other rewards.

  • Have a 35%- 50% discount on your purchases.

  • Have your own company provided website.

  • Begin a rewarding career.

A Consultant generally makes more money and has more

opportunities to build a business than a Preferred Client.


As an Arbonne Preferred Client,  you have an opportunity to:

  • Purchase and enjoy all the Arbonne products at amazing prices.

  • Have additional perks such as free shipping and other rewards.

  • Have a 20%- 40% discount on your purchases.

  • Have access to Preferred Client Rewards.


Click HERE to see the difference between a Independent Consultant and a Preferred Client.

How do I get paid and how often?

You get paid weekly through Arbonne Pure Pay. 

Set up Pure Pay through your personal Arbonne website. Click HERE for instructions


Arbonne does all of the accounting and will also issue all of the required tax documents at the end of the year.

What are some of the Arbonne Terms and Phrases that I should know?

Don’t be confused by the special Arbonne terms you’ll hear in our community. Every new business or culture has its own language and we know that can sometimes be confusing as you’re getting started. Here’s a glossary to help you better understand the Arbonne vocabulary.

Click HERE to download Terms and Phrases.

What are Preferred Client Rewards?

A Preferred Client can pick a Free Gift from our best selling products when placing a qualifying order. This applies to qualifying registration and renewals orders, Host Rewards, and Preferred Rewards.

What is an Arbonne Special Value Pack  (ASVP)?

ASVP Packs are products that Arbonne bundles together so you and your clients can get additional discounts. This really is the best way to purchase product at the biggest discount! Free shipping is available for ASVPs with autoship.  

Besides sales commissions, are there other incentives?

Each month Arbonne has incentive programs to help you reach your sales goals and get products at a discount- and of course, make more money.

Watch for:

  • Bonus Cash Incentives 

  • Overrides

  • Free Product Incentives

  • Arbonne Incentive Trip (AIT)

  • Host Rewards

  • PWPs

  • Bonus Boosters

The incentives will usually show up in your email and on the Arbonne website around the first few days of the month.

How to Set Up Pure Pay

How do I get trained?

  • Refer to this website for training.

  • You can join our weekly training video Zoom calls and join our many Facebook groups. See the STAY CONNECTED TAB for more information.

  • Arbonne also holds a yearly Global Training Conference (GTC) in Las Vegas. Each country also has a yearly conference. You don't want to miss  GTC!

  • Refer to this website for updates and additional training.

  • Contact your sponsor or upline for more information on meetings near where you live.

Are there Facebook Groups for me to join?

ENVP Deana Wilkinson Nation

  • Trendsetters Nation. Join HERE

  • Discover Your Best Skin- 30 Day Challenge. Join HERE

  • Trendsetters 30 Days to Healthy Living.  Join HERE

ENVP Phoebe Fournier Nation 

  • New Horizons Nation.  Join HERE

  • Discover Your Best Skin- 30 Day Challenge.  Join HERE

  • 30 Days to Healthy Living.  Join HERE

Does Arbonne have a YouTube page?

I have more questions, where can I go?

Here are the links to the FAQs on the Arbonne website

Click on the topic to view. You may be asked to log into the Arbonne website.

What is an "override"?

An override is the money that you get paid on the efforts of your successline or team. Refer to the UNDERSTANDING COMMISSIONS AND OVERRIDES  video above.

There are no guarantees regarding income, and the success or failure of each Arbonne Independent Consultant, like any other independent business, depends upon each Arbonne Independent Consultant’s own skills and personal effort