Sharing with Social Media

Please follow these Arbonne guidelines when using social media...

1- Do not create a  page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media site that appears to be the Arbonne Home Office. You must clearly identify yourself as an Arbonne Independent Consultant

2- You cannot prospect or sponsor persons in countries where Arbonne has not officially opened for business

3- Use only approved Arbonne logos and pictures. Look on the Arbonne corporate website for examples of approved logos.

4- You can use social media to invite friends and followers to attend group presentations and to train your Consultants

5- Refrain from making any misleading or deceptive claims or statements about Arbonne, the Arbonne products or the Arbonne opportunity

6- A social networking site that is developed for the primary purpose of selling Arbonne, its products or opportunity is not permitted. A Facebook personal or business page can be used to train your team and inform them of events. A Facebook page cannot be used to sell Arbonne products or promote the business opportunity.

7- Consultants that use online retail sales sites such as eBay to sell Arbonne products will be de-registered.

Using Social Media to Build Your Business

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